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safety and travel
information to students.

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Trying to distribute safety and travel information to students is a major challenge. Programs often print cards, which get left behind.

KeynectUp has created a turnkey distribution system to get information and resources to students faster.

Perfect for…

Study abroad programs
Students travelling to attend College
Health resources

Three Simple Steps

Create your programs’s contact card.

Promote your customized card to students.

Students gain access to the travel resources.

Creating your programs card…


Login using your Keynectup Dashboard

Customized extended virtual cards are created, and managed through KeynectUp's Dashboard.

Customize your Travel Abroad card(s)

Any and all contact information can be included in Keynectup's extended virtual contact cards. This includes, email addresses, phone numbers, websites, map locations, and more.

Distribute your extended virtual contact card.

Virtual cards can be downloaded via text, email, or the web and are compatible on any device.

Promoting your contact card to students…

Share your program’s virtual card link through presentations, email, text message, and more!

  • Trip/Program Email
  • Program Briefing
  • Pre or Post Flight
  • On arrival at the destination

Try it yourself!

Text "BabsonChile" to 444-999

You'll receive a text with a download link shorty after.

Click the download link in your texting application.

You will now be brought to a KeynectUp webpage with a link to the contact card.

Click "download card" on the KeynectUp Webpage

The contact card will now be brought to your contact book.

Click "save" in your contact application

That's it, you're done!

Learn How KeynectUp Improves student safety and trip enjoyment while traveling abroad

“I can’t wait to get this rolled out to the students. I know this will make them safer.”

Jamie TCollege Coordinator

“I could not be happier knowing our Coordinator is taking advantage of this great technology. I feel better knowing that our students are now well-informed on the resources available to them in an emergency situation.”

George OCTO

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